matchingIf we raise $10,000 in donations, a very generous donor will match $10,000!  

Thats $20,000 for the bunnies!

The money raised will be used for badly needed projects at Bunny Bunch Fountain Valley.

Our big bunny room will get air conditioning and ceiling fans. Currently, every year, when summer hits, we have to move the rabbits into the store and the store into the big room. The store is much smaller so it means rabbits go into foster homes and all summer long we cannot rescue as many rabbits as the rest of the year.

Our big bunny room will also get new flooring which will make it much easier to keep clean, and will look so much better for photos and video.

We will get an industrial sink for the bathroom so we can wash all our bunny bowls and greens there, and possibly turn one of the bathrooms into a laundry room to wash bunny laundry.

We know we have been asking for lots of donations lately, but we just have to make this happen for the bunnies.

No amount is too small. Together we will be able to save hundreds of lives.

How to donate:

  • Click here to donate online by Paypal or credit card.
  • PayPal
  • Go to our Bunny Bunch Rescue Centers (Montclair or Fountain Valley) and look for the $10,000 Match Fund donation jars and donate there.
  • Mail a check to: Bunny Bunch/Matching Fund, PO Box 2583, Chino, CA 91708
  • Call or text Caroline to do a credit card by phone (909) 631-9552.

Please share this with your friends, family and coworkers. We will have flyers at our rescue centers for you to share with other animal lovers.

The bunnies need you. Please donate today.

Thank you,

Caroline & the buns.

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