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You Did It! Matching Fund of $10,000 Has Been Met!

That means $20,000 for the bunnies. A BIG thank you to everyone who donated. We will be getting the floor finished and the AC in the big bunny room, which involves building some walls too, plus a new sink and

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U-Haul Rabbit Update

The U-haul babies are growing up quickly (please excuse the poop in these photos – we hadn’t done the a.m. sweeping yet). Soon it will be time to start spaying and neutering. You can donate by clicking here or PayPal

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$10,000 Matching Fund!

If we raise $10,000 in donations, a very generous donor will match $10,000!   Thats $20,000 for the bunnies! The money raised will be used for badly needed projects at Bunny Bunch Fountain Valley. Our big bunny room will get

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