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Rabbit Health Seminars

Stay informed by attending Bunny Bunch Education Classes and Veterinarian Seminars.
Throughout the year we will be holding education classes by Caroline, and health classes by knowledgeable veterinarians at Bunny Bunch Fountain Valley.
Some of the vets will be offering services the day of our events, such as exams and consultations.
If you would like to receive emails about upcoming classes please click here to sign up. Plus “like” us on face book to stay informed.
Reservations are suggested, but not required. Call or text (909) 631-9552 or email caroline@bunnybunch.org, or sign up at our adoption centers. Suggested donation for each class is $5.00 to help our rescue.
Upcoming Classes
Education Classes
Bunny Basics
Guinea Pig and Chinchilla Grooming
Living Quarters, Exercise & Keeping Rabbits Entertained
How to Care for Elderly and Disabled Rabbits
Bunny Bonding
A Guide to Guinea Pigs
Chinchilla Care
Health Care Classes
GI Stasis & Bloat – For Rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas
Contagious Deases – For rabbits,guinea pigs and chinchillas
Dental Heath – For rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas
Acupunture for Rabbits
Physical Therapy for Rabbits
Common Illnesses in Rabbits
Dates and speakers to be announced soon.

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