In The Nursery

In the Nursery

IMG_1044At the Bunny Bunch Nursery we care for Mother rabbits, chinchillas and guinea pigs and their babies. We also have orphaned babies that we bottle feed. These animals are mostly rescued from high kill shelters where they may not make it out if we don’t rescue them. Once at Bunny Bunch they are well fed, treated for any illness they may have, and given lots of love
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Angel Bunny Ward
We have a fund call the Angel Fund. People donate to our Angel Fund so we are able to rescue sick and injured rabbits that otherwise would be put to sleep. Once at Bunny Bunch or in a foster home the rabbits are cared for medically and given lots of TLC. Some come in critical condition; others are not so bad. But no matter what, we love and nurse them back to heath.  Once they are better we find them a home of their own.  To donate to the Angel Fund click here.
IMG_1313Bigsley could not use his back legs because of knee problems. His friend Binky came in blind. They both did super well and kept each other company. They found a home together.
Valentine (1)Valentine was left on a volunteers doorstep on Valentine’s Day. As you can see you can hardly even tell he is a rabbit. We can tell he must have lived in a wire bottom cage that damaged his feet.He was skin and bones. He had to live on pillows so his feet didn’t hurt and could heel. It took a long time, but as you can see he is very well now. He found a home living with another rabbit and is very spoiled.
IMG_1937This is Bubble. He was rescued with his Mum and sister. He is just 24 hours old in this photo.
IMG_1681Snow White (baby picture) was brought in with her Mother and two other babies. They had been  terribly neglected. They were all skin and bones. Sadly one baby didn’t make it. But with lots of syringe feeding, meds, and TLC the Mum and two babies did well.  Below is a picture of Snow White, today.
FullSizeRender (7)
SqueakySqueaky was rescued from a shelter with a horrible case of mites. He ate like crazy and fully recovered. He found a super home with a volunteer.

LadyBird (1)LadyBird was in a terrible condition, and I didn’t know if she would make it. We got her from someone who no longer wanted her. When she came to us the smell of infection was awful. She had a terrible case of ear and fur mites and both ears were infected, plus she had a jaw abscess. She had been kept in a tiny wire cage and never let out. She could only walk a few steps and would fall over. Her recovery took a long time. But she blossomed into a lovely, healthy, happy rabbit. She was adopted and lived with other rabbits that had the run of the house.
IMG_0824These two tiny babies came from a hoarder case. They are all grown up now and living as house rabbits.

Baby Chinchillas Bubble and Squeak

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