Bunny Bunch Adoption Application
Bunny Bunch Hotline (909) 591-7200 • www.bunnybunch.org

Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have. We want you to make the right choice
in deciding to adopt a rabbit. Please take your time to make the right decision. Often people
get a rabbit without realizing that it is a ten to twelve year commitment. Rabbits need lots of
care and attention from an adult. A child cannot care for a rabbit. We are thankful that you are considering saving a rabbit!

1. Name:

(If you are under 18 years old, The Bunny Bunch will need to contact your parent or guardian. Please provide their name and phone number)
2. Phone Number with Area Code
3. Address
4. City, State, Zip
5. Your E-Mail:
6. Today's Date
7. How Long Have you Been Looking for a Rabbit?
8. Are You Looking for a Particular Type of Rabbit?
9. Why are You Interested in Adopting a Rabbit?
10. Is the Rabbit for You, a Family Member, or a Friend?
11. Have you Contacted any Other Rabbit Groups or Breeders? If so, Who?
12. Have you done any research on what it takes to care for a rabbit? If yes, where?
13. How much are you prepared to spend per year to care for a rabbit?
14. How much are you prepared to spend on vet care when needed?
15. Do you have any rabbits now?
If YES, fill out questions 16- 25 below. If NO, skip to question 26.
16. How many?
17. Age?
18. Sex?
19. Spayed/Neutered?
20. How much time do they spend inside your house?
21. In the Garage?
22. Outdoors?
23. Other?
24. Have your rabbits ever been ill?
25. If yes, please list what illnesses they had and who treated them
26. Please list any animals you have now including their ages
27. Are they all spayed/neutered?
28. Do you have any animals that may be harmful to a rabbit?
29. If yes, what?
30. Have you ever given away a rabbit or other animal?
31. If yes, please explain why and who you gave it to
32. Have you ever taken an animal to a shelter or rescue group?
33. If yes please explain why and where
34. Have you ever had an animal euthanized?
35. If yes please explain why
36. Please list all the animals you have had in the past and what happened to them

37. Do you Plan on Getting Any Other Animals? If yes, what kind?

38. How Many Adults Live in your Household?
39. How many children? What Are Their Ages?
40. Is anyone in your family opposed to having a rabbit? Yes or No
41. Does anyone in your family have allergies or asthma?
42. Do you Own or Rent Your Home?
43. If you rent do you know if you are allowed to have pets? Yes or No
44. Please Provide Your Landlord's Name and Phone Number
45. How Long Have you Lived at Your Place of Residence?
46. Do You Have Any Plans to Move?
47. If You move, what will you do with your rabbit?
48. Rabbits do much better living in pairs or trios, would you consider adopting more than one rabbit? Yes or No
49. Estimate the amount of time the rabbit will be indoors, outdoors, garage, or other
50. Have you already got a cage for the rabbit? If yes, please give size and description
51. How many hours a day will the rabbit be left alone?
52. Have you got other supplies for the rabbit? If yes, please list them
53. Have you read The Bunny Bunch care info sheet about rabbits?
54. Who will care for your rabbit when you go out of town?
55. Do you have a rabbit knowledgeable veterinarian? If yes, who?
56. Are you willing and able to provide vet care, including yearly well checks?
57. If this rabbit is for a child, do you realize that a child cannot fully care for a rabbit?
58. Children often lose interest in their pets after awhile. What will you do with the rabbit when this happens?
59. Are you aware that rabbits like to chew and will often chew carpet or furniture? Yes or No
60. What Would You do About This?
61. Even though our rabbits are litterbox trained, when they go to a new home they will want to mark their territory by leaving poops around, and sometimes may urinate outside of the litter box. Rabbits also need lots of hay in their litter box as part of their daily diet. How do you feel about this being in your home?
62. Do you know about rabbit proofing your home? If yes, is your home already rabbit proofed?
63. Is there any behavior you cannot accept in a rabbit?
64. Under what circumstances would you not be able to keep your rabbit?
65. Are you interested in learning more about rabbits and their care?
66. How Did You Hear about our Organization?
67. Are you Interested in Volunteer Work or Fostering a Bunny?
Thanks a Bunny Bunch!
If you have any questions, you may email Caroline, or call us at 909-631-9552
Any Additional Comments: