Your donation will help save lives!

Your donation will help save lives!

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Angel Bunny Arnold

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The Bunny Bunch Angel Program started over thirty years ago. It was established so rabbits could be rescued that were injured or disabled.

It started because I would (and still do) get calls from vets telling me someone has chosen not to treat their rabbits injury or disability and was opting to put to sleep instead.

I would also get calls from city and county shelters who could not care for rabbits in these situations, from rabbits dumped in the streets and from the public.

Taking on rabbits in these conditions is quite an undertaking. Vet care is very expensive and often the rabbit would need almost round the clock care. Nevertheless I couldn’t stand the thought of an animal being put to sleep because of a human not wanting to, or not being able to care for the rabbit. So the Bunny Bunch Angel Program was born.

I can’t count how many Angel Bunnies we have saved over the years. The program extended to chinchillas and guinea pigs too.

The program is funded 100% on donations. The Angel Animals are cared for by myself and Bunny Bunch director Karen Savage. Your donations make this happen.

Here are a few of our past Angel bunnies.

To adopt an Angel rabbit click here. You will receive love and joy from a previous angel. They all deserve a forever home.

Caroline & the buns.

Meet Honey Bunny Love Bug.I receive a call from a fellow rescuer who heard that this baby splayed leg rabbit was going to be taken to the vet to be put to sleep due to have all four legs splayed. Thank goodness time was on our side and he was brought to Bunny Bunch instead. He lives at my house, he has a girl friend, Clair Bear who jumps into his living quartered to spend time with him. He is around eight years old now, loves to give kisses, and is enjoying life. I just love him.


I received a call on New Year’s Day from someone who said they didn’t want their rabbits anymore. After getting details I could tell these rabbits were living outside in rough shape. I drove to the persons house and found three Angora rabbits in horrible, tiny wire cages. Their fur was terribly knotted and they all had urine scald and were under weight.

Bunny Bunch had no room, our foster homes were full, and my house was full. I could not leave them there to suffer so I took them home. There were three single rabbits, and I had three bathrooms so that were I set them up.

I gave them pain medicine as their skin was raw from urine scald. Treated them for fleas. Gave them a nice salad and started grooming. The grooming took hours, they knew I was helping them, they just laid on my kitchen counter and let me cut away the knots, one started licking me and they all started grooming themselves. I bathed the areas with urine scald and treated with a triple antibiotic cream.

They settled in nicely. Their skin recovered, their fur grew in nicely. They were spayed and neutered and after that we had room at Bunny Bunch. They all found wonderful homes.

This poor little guy has no back feet. We have no idea what happened as he was turned into a county shelter. We got him settled at Bunny Bunch and kept him on a cushiony surface and he hopped for joy. He was adopted by a wonderful home where he is getting lots of love and everything he needs.