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Honey Bunny Love Bug…..I am happy to report that Love Bug is a happy, healthy bunny. You may remember that Bunny Bunch rescued him because the person that had him was going to euthanize him because all four legs are splayed.

In over 30 plus years of rabbit rescue I have looked after numerous splayed leg bunnies, and they are a joy to care for. He is living in my home and is now one of the official Bunny Bunch spokesbunnies, which means he will be attending many of our events.

Love Bug got his name because all he wants to do is give kisses.

The holiday season is full of love and joy. It is a time I reflect on the ending year, and am so thankful for all your love and support. Because of you, bunnies like Love Bug have a happy ending.

Happy Holidays today all, Caroline and the Bunnies

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