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On April 24th – 26th, Bunny Bunch rescued over 125 rabbits living in unfortunate conditions from a deceased breeder in Devore, California. Upon notification, Bunny Bunch volunteers came to the rescue to discover the scarcity of food, water, and living conditions the rabbits were living in.

The rabbits were found living in wire cages with unsanitary water in California’s 90-degree heat.

Rabbits were found with health problems such as a missing eye, a missing ear, and being underweight. Despite the living conditions, most of the rabbits were found in good health.

All of the rabbits were transported to Bunny Bunch Rabbit Rescue adoption centers located in Montclair and Fountain Valley, California, and assigned to foster homes. They have been given health checks, separated by sex, named, and will be available for adoption once they are spayed or neutered.

$12,000 is needed to spay or neuter the newly rescued rabbits. They also need additional funding for supplies, food, litter, medication, and veterinarian care.

Please donate.

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