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Meadow is only five months old. Her back legs were not formed properly so she can’t get around like a normal rabbit. She is still able to walk. But needs a low lip litter box to go in and out of. Anyone interested in giving this beauty a home? You can meet her at Bunny Bunch Fountain Valley.



Here at the Bunny Bunch we want to help every rabbit we can.  All too often rabbits are taken to vets or shelters to be euthanized because their humans are not willing to care for them.  It is very common for us to get a call from a person that has just found a sick or injured rabbit in the street.  Our Angel Fund helps  these rabbits.

By donating to our Angel Fund you will be helping us save the lives of those who need it most.  You can donate online now.  Or, you can come by the Burrow to give a donation, or send a check to Bunny Bunch Angel Fund, PO Box 2583, Chino, CA 91708.  With your donation of $50 or more you will receive a color photo of an Angel Bunny as a thank you for your support.
Here at the Bunny Bunch we fall in love with all of our rescued rabbits.  The Angel bunnies have a special place in our hearts as we often stay up with them night and day through their sickness or injuries, syringe feeding them, giving them medication, fluids and lots of TLC.
Because of our volunteers and supporters like you, these rabbits are saved!  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Arnold the Angel Bunny

Arnold had his cast changed yesterday for the fifth time. Upon X-ray his leg is healing very well. One more cast change in two weeks, then two weeks later the cast will becoming off for good.

Bunny Bunch rescued him from the OC animal shelter after he was turned in from a hoarding case, with a fractured front leg and injured back leg. This poor guy went through alot.

Those of you who have met him know he is the best bunny ever. He is so sweet and friendly. We will be taking adopting applications for him at Bunny Bunch Fountain Valley. You can also fill one out by clicking here.

Because of the Bunny Bunch Angel Fund we are able to save rabbits that would have otherwise have been euthanized.  Donations for our Angel Fund are imperative to continue our rescue work.

Please donate by clicking here.  You can also PayPal [email protected].  Please let us know in the Paypal comments box you are donating to our Angel Fund.  No amount is too small.  

Arnold loves visitors so stop by Bunny Bunch Fountain Valley to see him anytime during open hours.