Your donation will help save lives!

Your donation will help save lives!

Help Spread the Word! Don’t Buy Rabbits For Easter!

Every year thousands of rabbits are bought for Easter. Many live a horrible life in a small cage or hutch. Many die before their first birthday.

Give a toy or chocolate rabbit for Easter, not a real one.

These photographs were taken at a swap meet just before Easter last year. Thousands of rabbits are living in these horrible conditions. Baby rabbits that are too young to be taken away from their mothers are being sold as Easter gifts.

image1 (13) image2 (4)

If you see this at swap meets, street vendors, feed stores or pet shops, please report it to your local animal control. 

Chocolate Rabbits are for Easter!
R E A L  R A B B I T S  A R E  F O R  L I F E!

A message from the Bunny Bunch.

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