Your donation will help save lives!

Your donation will help save lives!

Don’t buy rabbits for Easter.

Don't buy bunnies for easter

Rabbits are often a lot more work than people expect. They have a specific diet, need daily exercise and adequate space, poop a lot, and need enrichment activities.

If you are going to put them in a cage and expect they won’t poop a lot (they poop about 500 pellets a day!) ➡️ opt to get a stuffed rabbit toy instead. Rabbits can live 10-15 years or more, they require proper care and love. Please share.

Hot Weather Alert!

It’s 111 degrees at my house today and it’s staying hot for a while. Such a dangerous time for rabbits and other animals to overheat

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Calling all adopters!

Would you like to adopt one of these lovely rabbits that are in desperate need of a home? Sadly, the person that had them died.

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