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Bunny Bunch Tip!

Putting a nice rug down is important for your rabbit when you have hard floors. Not only does it help prevent them from getting sore hocks, it gives them traction to BINKY!

Esmerelda was adopted from Bunny Bunch Montclair. If you are interested in adopting go to BunnyBunch.org

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Keep Your Rabbits 100% Indoors

Every day I talk to people that do not know about Rabbit Hemorrhagic Viral Disease 2 (RHVD2), and the fact that it is highly contagious and now spreading in the US. It is very important to keep your rabbits vaccinated and 100% indoors even if they have the vaccine.

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Keep Your Rabbits Cool

It’s hot out there! It’s 116 degrees at my house today here in Southern California and tomorrow is going to be even hotter. It’s such

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