Your donation will help save lives!

Your donation will help save lives!

Fundraiser for Magnolia

We need your help. Donate to our Fundraiser for Magnolia.

We got a call about a rabbit in one of the local shelters. She is a big bunny, too big for the cages they had to keep her in. We were also told that she was an aggressive rabbit (probably from living in a small space and not being spayed).  Plus when they went to spay her they found part of the intestines were stuck to the uterus so they couldn’t do the spay. So we rescued her.  Once she settled in at Bunny Bunch she blossomed. She absolutely loves to have gentle head and ear strokes. She loves play time running around and even did a binky. We are thank full they reached out for help.

We need to do exploratory surgery to see what is going on and to see if she can be spayed.

Please donate to the Magnolia fund if you can. Any amount will help.

*You can donate at
*Through PayPal at  [email protected]
*At our Adoption Centers
*By Mail: Bunny Bunch Magnolia Fund
                  PO Box 2583
                   Chino, CA 91708

We thank you for your support for Bunny Bunch and Magnolia. You can meet her at Bunny Bunch Fountain Valley.

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