Your donation will help save lives!

Your donation will help save lives!

Since 1984

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Ok so I thought Snickers (rescued yesterday) was our last rescue of the year, but I was wrong. Meet this sweet little girl. She was bought for Easter for children….. then dumped outside to fend for herself when the family no longer wanted her.

Luck would have it they had a caring neighbor who scooped up before a predator got her.  She is on her way to Bunny Bunch now. And yes, we are full but I though we could squeeze one more in before the end of the year.

Rescues like this are possible because of our supporters, volunteers, adopters and followers. I would like to thank everyone single one of you for your support through out the year. Because of a of you, another bunny is safe.

Happy New Year.

Caroline and the buns.

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