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Head tilt rabbits can live long happy lives. The first rabbit I ever had that had a head tilt (thirty five plus years ago), started suddenly rolling and was put to sleep by the vet I went to.

This happened to my second rabbit about six months later and same thing, the rabbit was put to sleep. Third rabbit it happened to about a year later stayed at home with me. I was able to keep him from rolling by holding him for hours by putting him in a padded carrier, syringe feeding him, giving him subq fluids. He slowly got better. I set out to let everyone know head tilt rabbits can survive.

Now, we know so much more about medications that will help. However, the key is still supportive care. Most vets know how to treat rabbits and about the supportive care head-tilt rabbits need.

My full article on head tilt bunnies will be finished hopefully by next month and will be posted on our website.

If you have a head tilt rabbit and need advice please email Caroline at [email protected] or DM, call or text me  (833)3RABBIT.

Caroline & the buns🐰

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