Your donation will help save lives!

Your donation will help save lives!

Help Franky – Donate today!



This poor little chinchilla was left in a park in a box. The person that found him called to see if we could take him, he had an injured leg.
Once he arrived I checked his leg and found it was broken. I got him on pain meds right away, kept him in a small comfy place over night and took him to one of our vets this am to have his leg amputated.

We don’t know how his leg was broken. I do hear of this when people use cages that have wire bottoms or ledges, wheels that are not solid, or have other unsafe items in their chins cage. We have taken in chinchillas before with an injured or amputated back leg. The chins adjust well and will live life like normal. Franky will be coming home with me tomorrow night for recovery.

Obviously, the people that had him did not want to pay a vet bill. So horrible they just left him in a park.
Franky did very well with surgery and is cozying up with me during his recovery! Donate today to help with Franky’s care!

Caroline & the buns🐰

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