Your donation will help save lives!

Your donation will help save lives!

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Is your rabbit’s vaccine up-to-date?

annual vax
The vaccine available to veterinarians now is a US vaccine called Medgene. The first time you get this, it is a two-dose vaccine three weeks apart, and effective five weeks after the first dose. Then you need one vaccine every year, after the initial two. The imported one-dose vaccine is no longer available in the US.
⏱To ensure timely updates, it’s a good idea to mark your vaccine expiration date on your phone calendar a few months in advance. This way, you can schedule a vet visit on time.
Rabbits can get the virus living 100% indoors and unfortunately, some rabbits have died living indoors due to people thinking rabbits only get the virus outside or if they are around another rabbit. You can walk the virus into your house, and it can be spread by insects such as mosquitoes.
For your rabbits to enter Bunny Bunch facilities, their vaccines must be current and effective. Kindly send the new vaccination documents to [email protected] for our records. This will ensure you can continue to enjoy Bunny Bunch services like bunny dates, grooming, and boarding. And if you ever require emergency boarding, you’re all set.
Any questions? Please text Caroline at (909) 631-9552.
Thanks a Bunny Bunch!
Caroline & the buns🐰

Pictured: Adoptable Cuddles (14 years old)

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