Your donation will help save lives!

Your donation will help save lives!

It’s Shedding Season!

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This time of year I get calls every day about rabbits in GI stasis. There are several reasons rabbits go into GI stasis, one of them being ingesting too much hair.

Use these excellent grooming tools to get the hair off your rabbit, before it goes into your rabbit. Rabbits love to groom themselves and when doing so lots of that hair goes into their stomach.

They can’t vomit a hair ball like a cat does, so for a rabbit the hair has to travel through the GI and out the other end. If there is too much hair it can slow down or stop the GI tract putting the rabbit into GI stasis.

I use the rubber brush first, then I use the comb especially around the rear end where a rabbit has a hard time reaching. I will often have a trash can full of fur when I am finished.

If you are not comfortable grooming your rabbit, call or text me for a grooming appointment (909) 631-9552. I do them at both Bunny Bunch locations.

Plus, don’t forget your rabbits diet should be 80%. A high fiber diet will help keep everything moving through the GI tract.

Bunny Bunch Boutique has the BEST hay too!

These products are available at both stores and at

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