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Meet Princess♥️

This little baby piggie was left behind in an apartment when the people moved out……I’m not sure how many days she was there with out food but she is skin and bones and malnourished. A few more days in the apartment alone and she would have died.
She is safe at home with me now. Poor little girl is so lonely, when I put my hand out she just crawls into it for some love. It’s hard to tell her age as she is small but I think looks younger than she is because of being so under weight.

From now on Princess will be treated like a Princess and will get lots of snuggles and lots of food. She is eagerly eating Alfalfa hay and I am slowly introducing veggies. She is getting vitamin C and subq fluids.
Rumor has it there may be someone interested in adopting her once she is stable.

Stay tuned for updates on her progress.

Caroline & the buns (and piggies)