Your donation will help save lives!

Your donation will help save lives!

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Honey’s second chance!

Honey was hours away from being killed. What a life he has now! ❤Honey Bunny was adopted from Bunny Bunch several months ago. What a lovely life he has now, he lives with other bunnies and people that love him very much. 🏡🐇

His previous home dropped him off at a vet’s office to be killed as they were moving and didn’t want him anymore. Thank goodness a vet tech from the vet’s office called us to rescue him. She was just given a few hours to find him a rescue or he would have been put to sleep!

His life was almost lost. But now he has the best life ever. ☀️💕

We love our adopters, supporters, and followers. You all help make happy endings happen. Thank you 💗

Bunny Bunch Adoptables!

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