Your donation will help save lives!

Your donation will help save lives!

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Lola’s Journey!



Meet Lola. We rescued her a few months ago. Here she is at LAX on the way to her new home in Portland Oregon.
We generally only do local adoptions in California. But a wonderful family in California who has adopted rabbits from us over the years flew Lola to their daughters house in Oregon.
Lola will be bonded to another one of our rabbits that already lives in the home. As you can see she did very well on the trip and settled into the new home right away.
If you are flying with your rabbit only choose an airline that allows your rabbit in the cabin with you.l, NEVER in cargo.

The carrier you see here is the airport required type. For regular use (not flying) use a hard top opening carrier (not a soft chewable carrier) which will protect your rabbit better for traveling in a car. Always secure the seat belt around the carrier. Plus make sure you have a thick towel in the bottom of the carrier so your rabbit doesn’t slide around and become scared.
You can see examples of carriers at

We LOVE our adopters! Thank you Pam and Dan for making this happen. We know Lola will now have a lovely life.

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