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Meet Peaches. I received a call from someone who had a litter of baby bunnies. It was a surprise to them as they though they had two females. They noticed that one baby had a disability, all four legs were splayed. They kept her until she was four months old, but could no longer care for her. She is in my care now, and is an absolute delight. She is very friendly, loves attention and is a joy to spend time with.
In a few months she will be looking for a home where she can get the special care she needs to have a good life.

Caring for splayed leg rabbits can be a lot of work, and is time consuming. There will be lots of washing of peepads, cleaning living quarters several times a day and keeping her clean.  You also have to make sure they have access to food and water as they cannot get around like a normal rabbits. But you will have a very special bond which is definitely worth all the time. I have found that most splayed leg bunnies give kisses in return.