Your donation will help save lives!

Your donation will help save lives!

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To all those people dumping rabbits in parks, fields, in boxes by the trash, in dumpsters, or anywhere else. You are giving your rabbit a death sentence. Domestic rabbits can not survive outside. They may make it a few days, sometimes a few weeks but they will be killed by predators eventually. Now with RVHD2 a deadly virus to rabbits you are putting them in danger of getting a horrible deadly disease.

Wild rabbits dig burrows and go underground to get away from the heat and predators, and are much faster and aware of the danger. Domestic rabbits don’t know how to do that. They will have horrible deaths outside, they don’t know how to protect themselves from predators and the heat. By dumping your rabbit you are killing it.

This year has been the worst year I can remember in over thirty years of rescue. I am getting calls all day long about unwanted rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas.

People, PLEASE do your research before getting a rabbit it’s a twelve to the fourteen-year commitment of caring for them. Guinea pigs around an eight to ten-year commitment, and chinchillas a twenty-year commitment.

Do NOT get rabbits for children. They are not toys, they don’t like to be held or played with. What happens when the children are not interested in the rabbit anymore or when it’s time to go off to college or move out? Will you care for the rabbit? People often say yes, but when the time comes that answer often changes.

Rabbits are a lot of care and vet care is very expensive. If your rabbit becomes ill (and they often do) you can easily end up with a $500 vet bill, just to start with. Are you prepared and able to do this?

YOU can stop this horrible problem for rabbits by doing lots of research and talking to your local rabbit rescues all about rabbits BEFORE you get a rabbit.

No animal deserves to die because of human ignorance!

Bunny Bunch is very lucky to have lots of wonderful adopters that know what it’s like to have a rabbit and have given many of our rabbit’s wonderful homes. Please share this message in hopes of stopping more rabbits from being dumped.

Caroline & the buns

 Thank you,



Female Location: Orange County


Female Location: Orange County

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