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Something good is happening to this bunny, after something so bad happened.

His name is Bunny. He is an eight year old neutered male. He was attacked by the dog that lived in his home. The dog injured one of his back legs so badly that the vet said the only option was amputation. The people choose euthanasia instead.

But! Thank goodness the vet reached out to Bunny Bunch he just couldn’t euthanize Bunny with out trying to give him a second chance. We go the call today to see if we would take Bunny in. We agreed of course. Once Bunny’s leg is amputated he will be coming to Bunny Bunch for recovery. Then will need a forever home.

Please keep Bunny in your thoughts while he goes through his amputation. We can’t wait to meet him and care for him. Stay tuned for updates.

Caroline & the buns.