Your donation will help save lives!

Your donation will help save lives!

Since 1984

New Bunny Bunch Hours

— New Bunny Bunch Hours —

(Just a slight change in our hours)

For adopting animals, go to and fill out the application, we will be in touch by email or phone. That’s when your ‘come-in ‘ appointment will be scheduled.

Bunny Bunch Boutique Is Open.

Mon. Noon to 2pm

Tue.  Noon to 1pm

Wed. Noon to 6pm

Thu.  Noon to 6pm

Fri.    Noon to 6pm

Sat.    Noon to 5pm

Sun.   Noon to 4pm.

*** Bunny Sitting is Open Seven Days a Week ***                                              

We have taken “stay-safe” precautions by sanitizing throughout the day. Our credit card signature stylus is soaking in Isopropyl Alcohol prior to every transaction — No-Finger-Signatures.

We are not allowing any sick or exposed employees / volunteers to come into Bunny Bunch. P l e a s e, we ask the same of you if you’ve been exposed or are sick with a cold/flu. 

Our store is fully stocked with hay, pellets and other goodies AND WE ALSO SHIP by placing orders at OR  calling/texting Caroline at (909) 631-9552.

If you have any questions… Please call or text Caroline.

Thanks a Bunny Bunch.

Thank you,

Caroline and the buns.

(833) 3RABBIT

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