1-(833) -3RABBIT / 1-(833)- 372-2248

Here at Bunny Bunch we have specialized in rescuing special needs and sick rabbits for over thirty years. I can’t even count how many have been rescued, cared for and found homes.

I often hear rescues, and even vets say “that rabbit is unadoptable”. But it’s not true. There are many special people out there who want to adopt a special needs rabbit.

As a rescuer, I have cared for hundreds of special need rabbits in my home. Yes, I get very close to them and wish I could keep them all. But, when there are fabulous homes out there, I need to put the rabbits first and not be selfish. It is hard to let go, but knowing that I can help more rabbits this way helps me let go. After all, it’s not about me, it’s about the rabbits.

If anyone needs help or advice for a special needs or sick rabbit, please don’t hesitate to contact me at (909) 631-9552.

This photo is of Sabastian a rabbit that came in with terrible tooth problems and head tilt. He is now in his forever home.