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Meet Faith. Sweet Angel Faith.

A Good Samaritan reported seeing a person dump this poor bunny out of a net, onto a trail, in horrible condition – infested with ear mites and severely underweight (you can see more photos and videos of her on our Facebook page).

After a long, exhausting search, she was finally tracked down to a local shelter where Bunny Bunch scooped her up. The trauma from the chronic ear mites, having been clearly neglected for so long, causes her to be unstable on her feet and led to head-tilt (which may/may not be permanent). She will be spayed soon and is considered one of our “Angel Bunnies” due to her having special needs. Even after being treated so horribly by someone, she is an absolute sweetheart who just loves to have her head rubbed. Faith would do best in a home with lots of bananas since they are her favorite thing in the world!

Stop by our OC location to meet this angel in person!


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June 6, 2019