Your donation will help save lives!

Your donation will help save lives!

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RVHD2 Vaccine Information!



Some of the vets are not doing the US Medgene RHVD2 vaccine correctly for the first time your rabbit gets it.
We have been in touch with them about this. The US Medgene vaccine is a TWO-DOSE vaccine.

You get the first one, then three weeks later you get the second one. Then two weeks after the second one, your rabbit is protected. So it takes five weeks total to be effective.

The above applies even if your rabbit was vaccinated the previous year, with the imported one-dose vaccine.

Check your paperwork from the vet and see if it was done correctly. If you need help email me the paperwork at [email protected].

Also, don’t forget that RHVD2 is an annual vaccine. With the holidays coming your rabbits must be 100% protected in order to come in for boarding with us. Plus, for grooming, dates, and events.

Caroline & the buns🐰

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