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Your donation will help save lives!

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Trick or Treat?

Rabbits love to get treats, and people LOVE to give them treats. But beware of store-bought treats.

People come to me with their rabbits because they have poop stuck to their bottom. While cleaning the rabbit up I chat about the rabbits diet and more often that not their rabbit is getting treats that are not healthy. This can cause GI problems and obesity resulting in soft smushed poop on their bottom.


Many companies out their add sugar to their treats. Rabbits love sugar, so they go crazy for the treats, so people keep buying them wanting to make their rabbit happy.

The marketing can be deceiving, the treats are advertised as “gourmet “ and “all natural”. Sugar is natural but not good for rabbits. Many treats have nuts and seeds that should not be part of a rabbits diet.

All this to say if you are going to give your rabbits treats, make sure they are safe and healthy treats. You don’t even have to buy treats, you can give a small amount of fruit such as three or four blueberries, a small half inch slice of banana, half of a small strawberry, or a baby carrot.


Bunny Bunch Boutique has a whole line of natural healthy treats made just for rabbits. They are available at both stores, plus online at

Keep your rabbit happy and healthy💓

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