Your donation will help save lives!

Your donation will help save lives!

Urgent Rescue! Help Needed

rescue1We are trying to rescue a large group of rabbits that need help ASAP. This is a very bad situation for them. Time is not on our side here. We desperately need donations to make this happen. Spays, neuters and food alone will cost us over $5k. Many of these bunnies are mums and babies and they all deserve a happy ending. 

Can you open your heart to help save these precious bunnies?  You can donate by clicking here, or through PayPal at [email protected]  Or, you can make a donation at one of our adoption centers.

These bunnies are living outside and need our help. We are beginning to catch them and bring them to our adoption center in Montclair.  Once we arrived on scene we realized this would be very complicated because they’ve dug a bunch of tunnels and burrows to hide in. Smart bunnies!  Please note that these rabbits have no protection from predators.  They are living in very unsafe conditions so time is of the essence!



Here are two of the first babies we rescued. How could we say no to them even though we are full and need to raise money to cover their costs? 







The first batch of bunnies on their first night inside with pellets, water and hay! They are safe!






There are still more bunnies on the rescue site like these cute baby lops.


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