Your donation will help save lives!

Your donation will help save lives!

UPDATE!! Urgent! Sponsor Needed

This rabbit has been sponsored and is now happy at Bunny Bunch Fountain Valley.. We named him Honey Bear. Thank you everyone!

This poorIMG_1102 bun was found in a park. The people that found him saved his life from predators. But they can not keep him and he will likely end up at a kill shelter. 

We need sponsors for him so we can rescue him.

A sponsor is a person that donates toward the care of a rabbit. $100 will pay for the spay or neuter, and help with a few supplies. The good news it it can be several sponsors to make up the $100. Without donations Bunny Bunch would not survive.

Would you like to sponsor this cute bundle of fur? Please click here to donate, and specify that you want to help the bunny that was found in a park.  You can also mail a check to The Bunny Bunch, P.O. Box 2583, Chino, CA 91708, or come in to one of our adoptions centers. 

Time is of the essence, please help today.

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