Your donation will help save lives!

Your donation will help save lives!

Since 1984

What happens when you don’t spay or neuter?


A litter of rabbits can be born every 30 days. If the male is left in with the mother when she gives birth chances are he will mate her right after giving birth and 30 days later another litter will be born. At three months the babies can start mating. An average litter is around 6 babies, but we have seen liters of ten or more in some cases. it will just go on and on until there are hundreds of rabbits.

We just rescued 10 rabbits today from the same home. When we do a rescue like this we require that we take all the rabbits, or that any rabbits left in the home are spayed or neutered.

Bunny Bunch gets hundreds of calls all the time to take in rabbits. We only have so much room. Sadly rabbits end up at kill shelters or are turned away from the shelters in which case they end up being dumped in parks where they can’t survive.

Please help us spread the word. 


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