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Your donation will help save lives!

Botfly Bunny

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I got a call from one of our Bunny Bunch adopters seeking advice about their rabbit. They noticed something at the side of the eye and thought it may be an injury. They went to an exotic vet, got antibiotics and metacam. They were told it could be an injury, but because it looked a little strange they said it could be a tumor. They were told to give the meds and see what happened.

Well, I am so glad people keep in touch with me when their rabbits are sick. After looking at the photo and asking some questions I believed it was Botfly lava. Which has to be removed straight away as it can cause serious problems in rabbits. I suggested going to another vet straight away for confirmation and treatment.

Luckily he got in the same day and the Botfly lava was removed.

So many things happen when you take your rabbits outdoors. Botfly just being one of them.

Now with Rabbit Viral Hemorrhagic Does 2 (RVHD2) being in the US it’s best to keep your rabbits 100% indoors, no outside playtime even when vacillating. Stay tuned for more information on RVHD2.

Caroline & the buns🐰

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