Your donation will help save lives!

Your donation will help save lives!

Since 1984

Fun Fact about Caroline


Fun Fact
When Caroline start rescuing rabbits back in 1984 it was though they only lived until about five years. Reason being they lived outside in hutches, had a bad diet (no hay), did not get vet care and were not spayed or neutered.

Her first rabbit “Benjamin Bunny” lived to ten years old. Why? Because she couldn’t stand the thought of him living outside, or in a hutch so she made him a house rabbit. Caroline worked with horses and realized a rabbits GI system is very similar to a  horses. If horses needed hay, why didn’t rabbits? Wild rabbits eat grasses so it just made sense that domestic rabbits should be fed hay. Little did she know these changes would change the way rabbits would live all over the world.

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