Your donation will help save lives!

Your donation will help save lives!

Since 1984

Marigold was found abandoned


Poor Marigold was found abandoned in a park with a badly injured eye that was so infected her eye couldn’t open and the left side of her head was swollen. After cleaning her eye up we started her on a couple of antibiotics and pain meds right away. She did very well. The swelling went down. The outer infection went away, but she had trauma to the eye so we opted for surgery to remove the eye and found an abscess deep behind her eye socket with deep seeded bacteria. We are hoping it hasn’t gone to the brain. Her eye was removed and a culture done of the bacteria to make sure we get her on the correct antibiotics to beat this. 

She had the surgery on Saturday and is thriving so far. She is active, eating, pooping and enjoying attention. Please send healing thoughts for Marigold♥️

So far our bill is $730.10 not including medications. 

Please donate to the Angel Fund for Marigold at Click on donate and write Marigold in notes. Any amount will help.

You may send a check to:

Bunny Bunch/Marogold

PO Box 2583

Chino, CA 91708

We thank you for your support which allows us to continue to help rabbits in need. Stay tuned for photos and updates.

Thank you for your support.

Caroline & the buns🐰

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