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Keep Your Rabbits Cool

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It's hot out there!

It’s 116 degrees at my house today here in Southern California and tomorrow is going to be even hotter. It’s such a dangerous time for rabbits and other animals to overheat and die outdoors and indoors.

Rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, cats and dogs (plus other little critters) all need to be indoors with AC. What if there is a black out and your AC goes out? Have a back up plan. Talk to friends, relatives and coworkers to see if you can take your animals to their home. Of course with COVID and RVHD2, it’s makes it harder but there is always a way to come up with a safe plan for you and your animals.

Nowadays with many central AC systems you can keep track of your AC with your phone. So while you are away from home you can control your thermostat and see what the temperature is in your home. If you have bunny cam put a thermometer by your rabbits set your so you can see the temperature when you are away from home. It’s a good idea to sign up with a Southern California Edison to get text alerts about rolling black outs.

I keep my home at around 74 degrees to keep all the rabbits, chinchillas and guineas cool and comfortable.

Here are some ways to keep your rabbits, chinchillas, or guinea pigs cool.

*Frozen Water Bottles
Freeze two liter soda bottles. Be sure to remove the label. Fill with water and freeze. Make sure you have spares in the freezer so as they melt, you can replace them. Some rabbits lay right against them while others prefer material such as a light towel or pillow case wrapped around the bottle.

*Cooling Tiles
Put down cooling tiles for your rabbits,  chinchillas and guinea pigs to lay on. These will help them to stay cool. carries a Chin Chilla Cooling Stone they work great for rabbits and guinea pigs too. For rabbits I suggest getting two to lay together.  You can even wet them, put them into the fridge for extra cooling. Get them at Curbside and Shipping.

*If your rabbit is breathing hard due to the heat put some cool water on a wash cloth. Wring out the water and apply the wash cloth to the rabbits ears.

*Always have a crock or two of clean cool water for your rabbit to drink. Add a couple of ice cubes now and then to keep it cool. Rabbits don’t tend to drink enough water when the water is given in a water bottle, crocks work better.

*In Your Home
A fan will not cool a rabbit, but it can help circulate the air. Keeping blinds and curtains closed will help stop heat coming in through the windows so your AC doesn’t have to work so hard.
If you don’t have central AC consider getting a wall unit, or portable AC unit.

Signs of Over Heating In Rabbits

*Rabbits don’t pant, but they will start rapid breathing and you will notice their body moving in and out.

*They will normally be in a stretched out laying down position.

*Their head can be in a slightly tilted back position.

*The fur around their nose and mouth can become wet.

Any of the above signs are dangerous and mean your rabbit needs to be cooled down right away. In some cases vet care is needed right away.

How to Cool Down A Rabbit

ACT QUICKLY! Your rabbit can die from being over heated.

*If possible get into air conditioning right away. If you don’t have it in your home start your car and get it cooled down to take the rabbit in there.

*Cool the ears by placing a wet cool wash cloth both inside and outside of both ears.

*Lay the rabbit on a wet cool towel.

*Offer cold water to drink.

*If you happen to have subq fluids give to help hydrate the rabbit.

Please do want you can to keep your animals cool so they don’t over heat. I have received many calls where people have found their rabbit over heated or dead when we reach the high temperatures of summer. In some cases vet care may be needed, if that is the case be sure to take everything you need to cool your rabbit down on the drive to the vet.

Bunny Bunch Boutique does rabbit, guinea pig and chinchilla sitting. I often get calls when it’s hot due to no AC or AC being out. A RVHD2 vaccine in required for rabbits, vaccine must be done minimum of eight days prior to your rabbit coming in.  Plus your rabbit must have been living indoor 100% for two weeks. Call or text Caroline for a reservation (909) 631-9552.

Remember prevention is the best remedy. Be prepared and keep your rabbits cool!

Carline & the buns🐰

Bunny Bunch Boutique does bunny sitting and people with out AC often book a visit for their rabbits to keep them cool. RVHD2 vaccine in required, minimum of eight days prior to your rabbit coming to us. Plus your rabbit must have been living indoor 100% for two weeks. Call or text Caroline for a reservation (909) 631-9552.

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