Your donation will help save lives!

Your donation will help save lives!

Bunny Bunch & Bunny Bunch Boutique RHDV2 Update

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As of September 1st, we will require all rabbits to have the RHDV2 vaccine in order to come inside our buildings.

More cases have been reported in Southern California, including Riverside County, Orange County, San Bernardino County and Los Angels County. RVHD2 is highly contagious and deadly. It is important to have your rabbits vaccinated and to keep your rabbit indoors 100%, even with the vaccine as the vaccine is not 100%. There are many misconceptions about rabbits being safe on a patio or in an enclosed back yard. But this disease can spread through infected insects such as mosquitoes and fleas. It can also be walked in your home if you have walked in an area where there are infected cottontails or domestic rabbits.

All rabbits coming to Bunny Bunch or Bunny Bunch Boutique for bunny dates, boarding, grooming, nail trims, tooth trims must have proof (Prior to appointment) of receiving the vaccine eight days prior to arriving.

For a list of veterinarians providing the RVHD2 vaccine please go to Our vet referral list is under resources.

If you have any questions, or if we can be of assistance please contact
[email protected]

Or call (833)3RABBIT for bunny dates. Or (909) 631-9552 for Bunny Sitting, Grooming, Nail Trims or Tooth Trims.

Please stay say and keep your bunnies safe too.
Caroline & the buns🐰

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